Top 14 Best Ping Pong Tables in 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best ping pong tables which is suitable for you to play ping pong? Do you find it hard to choose when there are so many brands available in the market?

A ping pong table is considered the most expensive equipment for ping pong sport. Therefore, you need to study the one you decide to buy so that you won’t regret it in the future. There are many models and brands available in the market, you need to know well all then decide suitable one.

In fact, many manufacturers in the world have very good quality products, however, they may be not suitable for you, you have to define your level as a beginner, intermediate player, professional player, and your playing style.

Best Ping Pong Tables

If you are confused about choosing which suitable ping pong table is, please read this post. This article gives you some reviews of the top ping pong table brands and models for your reference. Moreover, we also have guidelines to help you to buy the right ping pong table for your level and choice.

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Let’s start the reviews!

At A Glance: Best Ping Pong Tables

We will give you some reviews of the top products and brands from our point of view. You also can go to the original page of the Brands to study further information.

There are 3 types of best ping pong tables:

  1. Outdoor ping pong tables
  2. Indoor ping pong tables
  3. Mini Ping pong tables

Best Ping Pong  Tables: A Brief Comparison Chart

If you are in a hurry, you can check out the detailed table below to see the products we recommend and review, and save this article to digest later!

A Brief Comparison Chart for Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables

Product ImagesProduct NamesEditor's RatingPrice
STIGA XTR Pro Outdoor4.9See Latest Price
JOOLA Nova DX - Indoor/Outdoor Tennis Weatherproof4.9See Latest Price
Cornilleau 300X Outdoor Ping Pong Table4.8See Latest Price
Kettler Cabo Outdoor Table Tennis 2X Player Bundle4.8See Latest Price

A Brief Comparison Chart for Best Indoor Ping Pong  Tables

Product ImagesProduct NamesEditor's RatingPrice
JOOLA Inside - Professional MDF Indoor Ping Pong Table4.9See Latest Price
JOOLA Tour Table Tennis Table4.9See Latest Price
STIGA Advantage Professional Table Tennis Tables4.8See Latest Price
JOOLA Rally TL - Professional MDF Indoor Ping Pong Table4.8See Latest Price
Butterfly Centrefold 25 Table Tennis Table4.7See Latest Price

A Brief Comparison Chart for Best Mini/Portable Ping Pong  Tables

Product ImagesProduct NamesEditor's RatingPrice
GoSports Mid-Size Mini/Portable Table Tennis Game Set4.9See Latest Price
STIGA Space Saver Table Tennis Table4.9See Latest Price
JOOLA Midsize Compact Ping Pong Table Great for Small Spaces and Apartmentst4.8See Latest Price
Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table - 3/4 Size Table Tennis Table4.8See Latest Price
Goplus Foldable Ping Pong Table4.7See Latest Price

The 5 Best Ping Pong tables for Outdoor Table Reviews

#1. It’s the STIGA XTR Pro Outdoor

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The Stiga xtr pro ping pong table is suitable for playing and practicing outdoors, it can also be used indoors and is especially suitable for playing in the garage.


What we like

The top of the table has a thickness of 0.25″. It is made of aluminum material and covered with an outer layer of electrostatic paint to ensure the gloss of the table surface and the bounce of the ball. These designs can protect the table from the sun and influence the surrounding environment.

The legs are made of steel with galvanized steel frames (powder and coated with Zinc) which are water-proof and will not rust. It is less affected by sun-induced damage. This makes it suitable for playing all year long in any climate. It’s designed to withstand the effects of moisture, meanwhile, the finest indoor ping pong tables will swell and change shape in that condition.

The table’s top is held by 1.5 inches of tubular steel, which ensures a bounce uniform across the entire table. It’s extremely easy to fold for storage when not being used. It has an auto-opening feature which means the legs of steel automatically move as you open or close.

Similar to other tables, it comes with leg levelers and sturdy locking wheels that measure 3 inches to ensure safe and easy transportation. If you’re finding one affordable table, you can consider a STIGA XTR Pro which features larger wheels as well as a stronger frame.

Each comes with a 72 weather-resistant tournament net and post set designed to last and hold its tension.

What we don’t like

It is made into 2 separate halves for easy storage and back play use. However, when installed and used on uneven ground, these 2 halves of the table surface will not be completely equal.

You need to prepare available tools to assemble, this problem is quite inconvenient for outdoor use when you don’t carry tools.


  • Double 6″ wheels make the table easy to move.
  • The table is designed in a detachable style, which is very convenient for storage and back play use
  • Wheel lock, spring-loaded wheel lock to improve wheel stability.
  • Compact and light
  • The legs and frame are made of lightweight and sturdy aluminum that withstands outdoor environments and weather.


  • The installation will take longer.
  • The table excludes waterproof cover.

#2. It’s the JOOLA Nova DX

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Joola Nova DX is a ping pong table that can be used both indoors and outdoors, the table is designed to be water-resistant so it can be used outdoors very well.


  • Dimensions 9 5 feet
  • Assembly 15 minutes (up to 90 percent preassembled)
  • Surface Aluminum plastic composite with a thickness of 6mm
  • Our rating – 4.9/5 (Our Review of JOOLA Nova )

What we like

It’s the JOOLA Nova DX that can be used both indoors and outdoors and is weatherproof this Ping-Pong table is produced with aim of durable use.

It’s designed with 6mm aluminum and composite plastic surface, which bring warp-resistant and not broken to ensure it will last for many years even when you play outdoors. It has a very sturdy metal frame (galvanized) as well as sits on an undercarriage of 30mm x 30 which is rust-proof and secure.

Its JOOLA Nova DX splits into two parts to make the process of moving and storage simple. You can set up this table by yourself. This also means that you can put it up in playback for practice.

The table is manufactured with 95% pre-assembled. After receiving this table, it only takes 10 minutes to have the table ready for you to play.

It is also equipped with an outdoor net set which is easy to put together and doesn’t seem as difficult as other nets we’ve encountered. When folded, it’s incredibly easy to move around since each half includes four caster wheels which are secure to ensure your safety when you transport it.

This table model also has leg levelers to ensure you can get a suitable level which is a useful feature, especially for outdoor tables.

Overall we would say that this JOOLA Nova DX and its larger version, that is the JOOLA Nova Pro (which features a more spongy table and more wheels) are excellent tables for the outdoors that we’d recommend.

What we don’t like

The wheels are designed with a very large 7-inch size, but the quality is not good enough for the weight of the table when moving. At this point, you can order more accessories to replace them.

The tabletop is designed with a 6mm thickness, which is suitable for the average player. With the aim of playing more professionally, the thickness of this tabletop will not meet the requirement.


  • Decent 6-inch quality casters
  • Simple setup
  • Strong legs
  • Transport is easy
  • Playback position


  • Poor net post system
  • Visible sun glare

#3. Cornilleau 300X Outdoor

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Cornilleau 300X outdoor is a great ping pong table for outdoor play. The design is very sleek, this is set up to fold or unfold easily. There are retrofit nets and rackets and ball storage available. With very large wheels it is easy for you to push in and out.


  • Dimensions 9 five feet (regulation size)
  • Setup 90 – 120 minutes (Not difficult to build in your home)
  • Surface 5mm Laminate surface that has reduced glare
  • Our rating – 4.8/5 (Our Review of Cornilleau 300X Outdoor )

What we like

The ping pong table named Cornilleau 300X outdoor is made in France. It’s a table with five millimeters of anti-glare top and a superb bounce throughout the ball. The frame that folds is constructed with a 50mm thick steel alloy frame which gives incredible support throughout and is weatherproof which helps not rust when exposed to the elements. We are awestruck by the robust 200mm (8 inches) in diameter casters that are perfect to move around, and the easy mobility with brakes to keep it secure when it’s tucked away securely.

We were particularly impressed by the ball storage dispensers beneath the table apron. They allow purchasing a new ball easily and efficiently. It also has space to store eight balls and four paddles on the wheels to make sure that you do not lose your balls.

Swivel feet make the game playable at any place because it adjusts to whichever terrain. The adjustable net lets you choose the amount of tension and height you require and it is easy to take away when you’re done.

Overall, it’s a top-value, long-lasting, strong, and well-designed outdoor table with a 10-year guarantee, which is a great indication of its high-end quality. This is our top table recommendation for people who are seeking a table for their backyard.

What we don’t like

With this ping pong table, we find the cost high to invest.


  • Weather-resistant and durable
  • 10-year warranty
  • Adjustable leg height
  • 8″ Double wheels
  • Folding is easy and fast
  • Excellent bounce


  • Quite expensive
  • Difficult maintenance of wheel brakes

#4. Item: The Kettler Cabo Outdoor Table Tennis 2X Player Bundle

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This is one of the high-quality tables from Keller.

Safely designed CENTERFOLD,

Easy to install, store, and transport.

The table set is fully equipped to serve you always with a net, 2 ping pong rackets, 1 protective cover, and 6 ping pong balls for you to play this game.


  • Dimensions – L72.8” x W28.7” x H62.6” (185cm x 73cm x 159cm)
  • Assembly 2 hours (Not difficult to construct by yourself)
  • Surface 7/8″ (22mm) The aluminum top is Non-glare, waterproof
  • Our score: 4.8/5

What we like

The Keller brand has been a well-known brand for more than 70 years. The Keller is an innovative pioneer in outdoor ping pong technology.

The KETT-TEC5 tabletop is outdoor weather-resistant, especially water-resistant, it also provides good ball bounce and high stability. This table was patented with Smooth Trax and Dual Locking systems, user-friendly assembly, and dismantling.

It’s the Kettler Cabo is an outdoor ping-pong table that has a 7/8 inch (22mm) non-glare aluminum top that provides an even and consistent ball bounce. While it doesn’t have a 1-inch thickness which is necessary for a professional table in tournaments, this tabletop is thick enough for indoor or outdoor playing. The table was produced with the aim of outdoor playing, and this is the most durable table we’ve seen. It has legs made of galvanized steel that resist rust. The table’s apron is 2.25 inches thick and coated with resin to stop moisture from entering and causing the crack, This is an important feature for outdoor tables.

The easy one-handed opening mechanism allows you to use the table quickly just after one step.

This table’s legs have a low height adjustment,  which makes the table can be used in uneven outdoor positions.

The table has a built-in tennis racket storage, it’s convenient for storing tools more neatly to avoid loss.

What we don’t like

The main drawback to this Kettler Cabo is how long it takes to assemble, users have complained that it took over two hours. Since it’s quite heavy, it’s difficult and even impossible to install by yourself.

However, it’s a good alternative. It is equipped with balls and paddles along with a net set and even the table cover! There is no need to buy any other items to begin playing Ping Pong.


  • Weather-resistant and durable
  • 10-year warranty for surface and 3-year for frame residential
  • Adjustable leg height
  • 5.5″ Double wheels
  • Easy and fast folding
  • Excellent bounce


  • Long time assembly
  • Heavy

Top 5 Best Indoor Ping Pong Tables Review

There are a number of aspects you have to think about when purchasing the latest ping pong table. We will review our top models. If you’re searching for indoor ping-pong table reviews, please continue reading.

#1. JOOLA Inside 25

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Referring to the sport of table tennis, everyone knows the Joola brand. Joola ping pong table is known for its high quality and prestige. Here we would like to introduce Joola Inside 25 table tennis.

Number One is our JOOLA Inside 25 ping pong table. It’s a top contender among the top adored table tennis tables ever.

It’s a fantastic option for those who are seeking their first table, the most effective indoor ping-pong table which is easy to fold up and store away.

It is available in three table sizes, but we like the one with 25mm (the JOOLA Inside 25) that is supported by 1.5 inches-thick steel legs to make it solid and secure.

It can be split into two pieces, making it portable and easy to move around. In addition, this table can fold up one end to play personal playback mode, you can practice alone or store it.

We would highly recommend the JOOLA Inside 25 to anyone who finds an affordable, high-quality, and durable table.


  • Dimensions 9 5 feet
  • Easy to assemble in less than 10 minutes
  • Surface 1″ (25mm)
  • Our score Our rating 4.9/5 ( Review of the JOOLA Inside tables)

What we like

The Joola Inside Ping Pong Table has been voted the best table for both beginners and professionals. The table comes pre-assembled 95% and takes only 10 to 15 minutes to set up. The table folds up into a compact size thanks to its separate halves and legs. To save space, players can place the table against a wall.

The Joola Inside table is very affordable and offers many features such as corner protectors, powdered-steel undercarriage to prevent corrosion, locking wheels, easy storage, and a single-player playback mode.

Joola Inside’s tabletop is made of a medium-density MDF board. The tabletop is 25mm thick, it’s standard for professional play, with stable bounce.

The table legs have a height adjustment mode, you can change different positions with various floor flatness.

The Joola Inside 25 is designed with 2 separate halves of the tabletop, it’s very convenient for you to practice alone.

What we don’t like

It’s quite heavy. The overall weight of the table is up to 239 Pounds If you want to move up the stairs, it will not be convenient.

The table supplied does not include a racket and ball so it can’t be played immediately after assembly is complete.


  • Affordable price
  • Easy, quick setup
  • High-quality undercarriage
  • Easy and portable storage
  • Available single-player option


  • Less bounce
  • Balls and paddles not included
  • Questionable longevity

#2. It’s the JOOLA Tour 2500

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We would like to introduce to you about Joola tour 2500 table tennis table which is highly appreciated by many players. It’s great and perfect for those who are looking for an exciting, professional table with reasonable and affordable prices.

Its JOOLA Tour 2500 table tennis table is our first preference for the most effective table for ping pong. If you take a look at our top-rated tables, you’ll notice that JOOLA are expert when it comes to creating an indoor ping-pong table (three of our top-rated tables are all made by JOOLA). Its Tour 2500 is our favorite choice if you’re looking for a way to purchase a budget-friendly but a top-quality table that even professionals would be content with.


  • Dimensions 9 5 feet
  • The assembly time is 10 minutes (Comes 90% fully prepared)
  • Surface 1″ (25mm) Medium-density Fiberboard)
  • Our rating – 4.9/5 (Our JOOLA Tour review)

What We Like

JOOLA meets the user’s expectations. Firstly, it has a fantastic tabletop, the Tour series by JOOLA is available in three thicknesses The JOOLA Tour 1500 (5/8), the JOOLA Tour 2500 (5/8), the JOOLA Tour 1800 (3/4” JOOLA Tour 1500 (5/8 ”), the JOOLA Tour 1800 (3/4 3/4) and the tournament-grade tables JOOLA Tour 2500 (1 ”). Keep in mind that the thicker the tabletop’s surface is, the more bounce you’re sure to experience. We recommend the 25mm for leisure play at the table tennis club, at home, or at work. It’s a great choice and costs a little less than 15mm and 18mm models.

It folds away to make it portable for playback mode and easy storage.

To move it around, it is equipped with eight casters wheels (four for each side) which lock into the position to ensure that it’s secure and won’t move.

If there’s an uneven floor, you can make use of the leg levelers so that you could have a level playing surface.

The tabletop has a thickness of 25mm, this thickness is the standard for professional players. The dark green tabletop with coated stripes is silk screen printed on the tabletop, the flatness is smooth by UV treatment.

More things we like

The table is designed to be separated into 2 pieces and can be used individually for different purposes. When you practice alone, you can use half of the upright tabletop to play and practice.

The tabletop support is made with strong steel frames to increase rigidity. The table comes with a set of clamp-on and heavy-duty grids for a quick connection between the grid and the table.

The table is designed and built-in 95% factory pre-assembled, it only takes about 10 minutes for us to install.

Overall, the JOOLA Tour is a solid USATT-certified Ping pong table that comes at an incredible price and is one of the recommendations among our best indoor tables. It’s certainly one of the top JOOLA tables regarding the price.

What we don’t like

The table is relatively heavy, if you want to put the table in the basement or upstairs, it will be quite difficult.


  • Affordable price
  • Easy, quick setup
  • High-quality undercarriage
  • Easy and portable storage
  • Available single-player option


  • Provide less bounce
  • Balls and paddles not included
  • Quite heavy

#3. STIGA Advantage Pro

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Stiga Advantage Pro is one of the Stiga brand’s designs for indoor play. It only takes 10 minutes to finish installing. There are many options for tabletop thicknesses depending on your budget and intended use.

Our third choice would be the STIGA Advantage Pro which is very well-liked by recreational players. It has the standard size of 9×5 feet and it is extremely easy to set up (some players have set it up to 10 mins).


What we like

The playing surface is available in various table thicknesses. We recommend the STIGA Advantage Professional version which measures 3/8 inches (19mm) however, you can choose the standard STIGA Advantage which is less expensive but comes with a 5/8 inch (16mm) tabletop, and the Advantage Lite.

It’s made of a strong medium-density fiberboard, which finishes with multiple coats of color to guarantee an extremely smooth surface and consistent bounce over.

Like all tables of high-quality intended for indoor use, It’s possible to fold for storage or put it into your private playback mode for some practice at your leisure.

When folded, it is locked in place by using a spring-loaded safety latch so that it doesn’t pop open in the middle of the night.

It also has four-inch black casters to facilitate transport The wheels also come with locks to keep the table secured and safe.

For the ultimate in security, the STIGA Advantage table is equipped with a top-quality net set 72 inches in tournament quality that is clamped to the top of the table and is simple to put up. The height and the tension can be adjusted.

The table-supported legs are made of very sturdy 1.2″ square steel material, with a height adjuster and a screw to help keep the table flat when the floor is not flat. The adjustable feet are made of plastic to protect the floor from scratches or damage.

If you’re searching for an affordable but durable Ping-Pong table for your office or at home, you can take a look at the STIGA Advantage Pro.

What we don’t like

The thickness of the tabletop is thinner than outdoor tables. if it is damp, it will easily warp.

It will be difficult to carry up the stairs because of the relatively heavy weight which requires 2 adults to move.


  • 95-percent preassembled
  • Compact storage
  • Straightforward installation
  • 72-inch premium net


  • Heavy
  • Weak legs

#4. The model of JOOLA Rally TL – One Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table

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With this table tennis table, you can feel the superiority in every shot thanks to the 25mm thick tabletop for a stable and consistent bounce.


  • Dimensions 9 x 5 feet
  • The assembly time is 10 minutes (Comes with 95% of the components fully assembled)
  • Surface 5/8″ (18mm) average density Fiberboard: 15mm, 18mm, and 25mm MDF
  • Our score is 4.8/5

What we like

The indoor pingpong table provides a professional experience to players thanks to its design, quality, and other features. Joola Rally TL comes almost fully assembled so you can set it up in a short time.

The table can be folded for storage and solo practice.

The table can be moved more easily with a 4-wheel trolley system.

A double anti-tilting locking system makes it stable.

The tabletop is made of medium-density fibreboard, which provides consistent bounce for all balls. The playing surface is coated with a polyurethane coating that speeds up the ball’s travel. There are three options for the top: 15 mm (5/8 inch), 18 mm (3/4 in. ), and 25 mm (1 inch).

The frame of the table has a convenient ball storage place referred to as ball holders and two magnetic abacus scorers that can be used to keep track of your game points.

4 corners of the table are equipped with ping pong ball holders, it is very convenient for storage and always ready for you to play.

Joola Rally TL is actually an outstanding design that can be used at home, in the office, or in a local community center.

What we don’t like

The table weight of ‎133.81 kg is really heavy if you move the table up the stairs.


  • Well design
  • Simple setup
  • The scoring system and additional ball holders
  • Great bounce
  • Easy and portable storage
  • Available single-player option


  • Magnetic scoring bars with weak points
  • Additional features are limited

#5. Butterfly Centrefold 25

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If you tend to spend an enormous amount of money for an all-new table (over $2,000), you’ll receive a high-end table so appropriate for tournaments that even professional players would love to play. With this amount, you’ll get extremely high-end tables for table tennis. The table should consist of a maximum one-inch-thick tabletop and a minimum 3 inches wide wheels, and the frame must be made of solid steel and not bend or wear out easily. The table’s surface should not scratch easily and, perhaps the most important thing is a guarantee. We believe that Butterfly Centrefold 25 is a perfect match for all criteria and it’s the top-quality ping pong table ever.

Through the years, we’ve had the opportunity to play at a number of indoor ping pong tables and we can declare this Centrefold 25 is on our top list of the most popular tables to play on. It’s produced by Butterfly which is the most well-known table tennis table manufacturer and was the official tournament partner and sponsor of the 2014, 2012, and 2016 World Table Tennis Championships.


  • Dimensions – 80” x 108′ 30
  • Time for assembly No problem at all! (delivered with everything ready)
  • Surface 1″‘ (25mm) Tournament standard
  • Our score is 4.7/5 ( See our complete review here)

What We Like

It’s loaded with all the standard features you’d expect from professional tables and the highest quality. It has leg levelers, 5 inches rubber wheels to make it easy to move around, and they secure that it’s never moving around in your game.

It can be folded when you need to store using a simple device and a secure latch to hold it in its place. However, It can’t be placed in playback mode.

The remarkable scratch-proof surface has a fantastic bounce, and it’s ITTF approved for tournaments of the highest level. It’s also got attractive corner protectors that ensure it is safe from bases and knocks.

It is also bundled with the top excellent Europa Net Set which is a professional-grade net as well as posts.

What We Don’t Like

The only issue with this Butterfly Centrefold 25 is the price, it’s more expensive than the STIGA Advantage. However, this Butterfly table comes with an extended warranty of five years that can reduce the impact. should you look for one of the top reviewed tables available with a massive table where professionals would be contained within any tournament, please take a look.


  • Quality top 25mm ( 1inch)
  • Fold&Roll Design
  • Adjustable Feet
  • 5-inch locking rubber wheels
  • Included net


  • No playback mode
  • High weight

Top 5 Best Mini Ping Pong Tables

If you’ve to go through some indoor or outdoor table tennis tables, you’ll realize they’re pretty big and you’ll need more space around the table in order to play an enjoyable game. Today, there are many fantastic options of smaller and compact tables that fit into an apartment and fold up to make it easy to store them when not in use. Another thing to remember is the fact that miniature tables aren’t able to be placed in an in-playback mode. Let’s review our mini tables.

#1. GoSports Mid-Size Table Tennis

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This is a small mini ping pong table. It is highly appreciated by us for its ease of portability and compactness. You can take it anywhere by simply folding the two sides of the table. It’s fully equipped so you can always use the table: 1 set of nets, 2 ping pong rackets, and 4 balls for you to play. With this table, you can play in the house, garage, and outdoors.


  • Dimensions 6 feet x 3 feet; ‎39.5 x 38.5 x 4.53 inches (L x W x H)
  • Setup Simply unfold and put the net on and start playing
  • Top Thickness 5/8″
  • Our score is 4.9/5

What we like

This is a compact ping pong table that is suitable for many uses such as Indoor, outdoor, in the garage, and out in the open pool and you can take it as far as a regular picnic.

The price is very cheap so you can easily invest.

This table is suitable for a beginner player, a small family, or going out. The table is fully equipped such as a set of nets, 2 ping pong rackets, and 4 balls ready for you to have enough to start the game.

You can use it to play any game you have in mind like beer pong with your friends.

The table is designed to be almost 100 percent factory assembled. What you need to do when you buy it is to unfold it to play, and when you don’t play anymore, you fold it up and you’re done.

The table’s frame and top are made of aluminum so it’s weather and outdoor resistant so it’s perfect for wherever you need it.

What we don’t like.

This table only serves you and your family’s entertainment level.

And if you need a more professional level, this table cannot meet that.


  • The table is equipped with 6 very stable support legs.
  • Compact size suitable for many locations and different purposes.
  • Collapse with just a few seconds of operation.
  • Comes with full equipment for you to play: 2 rackets, 1 set of nets, and 4 ping pong balls.


  • Compact so not suitable for higher-level or professional play.

#2. This is the STIGA Mini Table Space Saver Mini Table

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  • Dimensions 5 feet 11 inches 3” x 4″
  • Setup Simply unfold and put the net on and start playing
  • Top Thickness 5/8″ (surprisingly big for a table this small)
  • Our score for HTML0 is 4.9/5 ( Read our complete analysis here)

Space Saver from STIGA Space Saver from STIGA is possibly our top-rated Mini table tennis table. If you live in an apartment in which there’s no space to play with lots, then this is a viable alternative. It has a reasonable 5/8 inch tabletop which is suitable for leisure players as well as youngsters. One of the greatest attributes is how easily it folds for ultra-compact storage when it’s not in use. It’s one of the most mobile tables tennis tables we’ve ever seen. This is a major benefit for people living in an apartment who does not want the table to take up the entire room. It’s affordable too, as it’s about half the price of a full-size table.

#3. The JOOLA Midsize Compact

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  • Dimensions 6ft by 3 feet
  • Set-up It comes 100% assembled, just unfold it and enjoy
  • Weight – 62 pounds (Very lightweight)
  • Our rating – 4.8/5 (review of JOOLA Midsize)

Another option for those seeking table tennis tables for smaller spaces can be the JOOLA midsize classic. It’s slightly smaller than its STIGA Space Saver rival STIGA Space Saver (that we reviewed in the previous article) and is just 3/4 larger than a professional-grade regulation table. However, it is still a great table. It’s extremely light and folds down to be easy to move around and is extremely small, which is perfect for urban dwellers who do not have a lot of space in their homes or at home.

There’s also the more sporty style – JOOLA Midsize Sport. JOOLA Small Sport should you want something that was a bit cooler, but we like the style of the traditional.

#4. Butterfly Junior Compact 3/4 Size

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  • Dimensions – Dimensions -” L 45″ W 30” H
  • Set-up Preassembeld: Simply unfold, place the net in and start playing
  • The thickness of the tabletop is 12mm
  • Our rating – 4.8/5 (Review of Butterfly Junior Compact)

The top option for the most compact mini Ping-Pong table can be of the Butterfly Junior table. It’s about 3/4 its size as a standard table and is perfect when you don’t have the space to accommodate the full-size, competition-size table.

It’s pre-assembled and ready to go and all you need to do is fold it, and then place the net in. After you’ve finished playing, it folds away to make it easy to transport and simple to put away. Each half weighs just 35 pounds and has wheels at the bottom, so you shouldn’t face too difficult a time.

The table’s surface is 12mm thick, which is considerably smaller than the typical thickness we recommend. However, when we consider the price and it’s a mini table we were quite pleasantly shocked. But If you’re in search of an item that will give you an excellent bounce, we would not recommend the mini table tennis table.

However, if you don’t have room for a large table and nonetheless need to play and store tables easily, The Butterfly Junior should definitely be an option.

#5. Goplus Portable Table Tennis Table

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The Goplus Portable is a mini ping-pong tennis table. It’s very convenient for playing indoors or outdoors, on office breaks, or anywhere you desire. To move it, you just fold it quickly, and are very compact. You can play the game quickly. The table is equipped with a net, 2 ping pong rackets, and 2 table tennis balls.


  • Dimensions 5 Feetx2.5 Feet
  • Setup It is 100% assembled, just unlock its latch and enjoy
  • Weight – 20 lbs (Very lightweight)
  • Our rating – 4.7/5 (Review of Goplus Portable)

What we like

The tabletop is made of MDF with multiple layers of PVC-coated 5/8″ thickness to give you a good playing feeling.

The frame is made of stainless steel which makes the table more solid and sturdy.

As a compact table, when folded it will be very compact and convenient to store, it is also very suitable for your garage. With this type of table, you can play many different games with your friends such as beer pong.

Assembly time is very fast, you just need to unlock it to complete the assembly, but it only takes a few minutes, then you can play the game.

The table is equipped with 6 stainless steel legs with a round tube frame, the bottom is equipped with plastic knobs to prevent scratching the floor.

The table is equipped with a set of nets for the table, 2 ping pong rackets, and 2 ping pong balls, which is very convenient for setting up the table and you can experience the game.

What we don’t like.

With 6 table legs and rubber plastic knobs, you will not be able to adjust the height of the legs, so it will not be suitable for places with uneven floors.

If you want to experience the game professionally, this table will not be suitable.

What is the best way to choose a Ping Pong Table – A Buyer’s Guide


Best Ping Pong Tables

Ping pong table tennis attracts many players to play, including various ages levels, gender, and different countries. To play this sport, you have to purchase full equipment to play or practice, including a suitable table.

When you are looking for a ping pong table or tennis table, what aspect should you look for?

Ping Pong Glory is aware that it’s quite difficult for you to choose a new Table Tennis table. There are many things to consider such as your playing level, your playing style, or even your budget. Sometimes you invest in an expensive table with many advantages, but it’s not so necessary in your conditions.

There are so many models and brands on the market, all are well-known, and you could be confused.

With the above review of the products, you can see many involved aspects. To help you pick up the right table, you can consider all the crucial aspects and how they impact your game.

Indoor vs outdoor tables. How do you tell the differences?

The first thing to think about is where you’ll plan to put your table. Are you planning to put it inside your home or in the game room? Maybe you’re planning on placing it in the backyard on your porch, or even in the garage. Table tennis tables can be quite big and you should decide on the best location. Tables can be made for both outdoor and indoor use, or outdoor tables can be for indoor use depending on the season.

Indoor table tennis tables for Best Ping Pong Tables

If you plan to keep your table inside, then you’ll have to look for features that are specific to your needs, such as the ability to fold it into small storage. You might want to search for ones with wheels so that the table can be moved around even when not in use.

Tables inside tend to provide a more consistent and even bounce when compared to outdoor tables at the same price level. The reason is that tables made to be used outdoors have a weather-proof material that directly influences the way that the ball from the table off the table. So, you can you should expect the tables for indoor use to be equivalent to or even better than the finest tables for table tennis outdoors at the same cost with regard to playing high-quality. Tables for indoor use aren’t designed to be used outdoors and should not be placed in water at any time.

Outdoor table tennis table features

Are Table Tennis Tables Waterproof

If playing outside will be the most suitable option, then you’ll need to choose an outdoor table designed for outdoor use or in the garage. The most effective outdoor ping pong tables tend to be more durable and have larger rolling casters as well as a straightforward installation method. The table’s frames and legs are generally made from high-quality materials that resist rust. This helps them to last longer and maintain their durability. The playing surface is generally constructed with a waterproof surface to prevent the table from losing its shape or warping when wet. Even if you intend to keep this in the garage, you may be better off using an outdoor table because moisture and humidity are the biggest enemies of the table tennis table.

Due to the extra materials needed to create a weatherproof table that is outdoor-use, they are typically more costly than indoor tables. Therefore, even though their bounce may not be as great as indoor tables of the same price they still offer a top-quality game. You also get to play table tennis under the sun, it’s hard to do better than this!

For the summation take it all in one sentence, don’t place your indoor table outside when it’s raining or in a place with high humidity for a prolonged time as this could cause it to break and ultimately cause damage to it. The humidity of their environment causes their table to be warped!

The most important aspects to be considered for Best Ping Pong Tables

We’ve looked at whether you’ll keep it in or out, and now we’ll examine some of the other issues you’ll need to consider before purchasing.

How much room is required to set up a ping-pong table?

Space is a major aspect to think about when choosing the right table. If you’re planning to keep it outside, it’s not that big of a concern, however, when you’re looking to purchase indoor tables, you have to determine if it can be a good fit! The first thing you need to know is what is the dimension of the table for ping-pong. Tables of full-size measure about 9.0 feet long (2.74 meters) and 5.0ft (1.525 meters) across (which is the standard size for tournaments) So make sure to determine the size before buying.

Another thing to take into consideration is that it’s not only the space you need to set up the table. You’ll also require room around it to move around and play. It’s suggested to leave at minimum 3 feet around for play for casual and for competitive play you’ll need at least 5 feet or more.

Some people don’t have enough space, there are many small alternatives available, however, they won’t be as great as a larger one. It is better to get outdoor tables.

Storage of the table is another thing that may be crucial to you. If you don’t wish to put it out for the entire time, you may be interested in acquiring tables that fold up to be able to store it away when not in use. Nowadays, the top tables can be split into 2 pieces, or can fold quickly, so they’re easily stored but nonetheless of top quality.

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What is the most suitable thickness of the surface on the table of ping pong?

For indoor ping-pong tables, It’s all about the size of the table as it has the biggest impact on the play quality. The thicker your table’s surface is, the more stable and consistent the bounce of the ball will be, so you must be sure to choose the maximum thickness possible.

Outdoor and indoor tables can vary in thickness. Because outdoor tables usually are coated with a waterproof layer (usually a hard resin bonded) over them, it could mean they’re not as heavy and still have the bounce that you want.

Table thickness indoor:
  • 1/2 1/8 (12-13mm) 1/2” (12-13mm) – A horrible bounce, stay clear of these tables!
  • 5/8 5/8 (16mm) Cheaper tables include this, but not the best bounce.
  • 3/4″ (19mm) is A minimum we’d suggest.
  • 1″ (25mm) ITTF Competitive tournament Standard.
Outside table thickness:
  • 5mm – Not great
  • 6mm – Good bounce
  • 7mm – The most effective (but typically more expensive)

If a professional player is likely to play on a 1-inch thick playing surface, that table is used in tournaments standard. You do not so hesitate, because there aren’t any players who require tables as large. A smaller tabletop is usually sufficient for casual or even intermediate players. Remember, the higher the cost of the table is, the greater the table’s surface will likely be.

Outdoor tables differ slightly. Because they’re made to withstand the elements, they’re typically constructed of various materials. This makes them quite different. A table that is outdoor must be able to endure outside during rainy weather without becoming damaged. Therefore, while the table’s weight is not the only thing to consider, the table’s weatherproof abilities are the primary aspect of a table for outdoor use and the majority of the design of the table will revolve around enduring all weather conditions.

Sun damage isn’t something you consider when thinking of potential dangers to a table used outside. However, exposure to the sun for long periods can deteriorate the colors of the table tennis table, rendering it look aged and dull. If you’re in a location in which you can enjoy a lot of sunshine, consider tables with an anti-glare layer or UV-protective layer.

A strong steel frame and chassis

Tables are as durable as the frame. The higher quality of the frame is, the longer it’ll last, and the greater benefit you’ll receive from it. The most durable frames are usually made of thick stainless steel. If you’re looking for a foldable TTT table, then we’d recommend buying something that is made from this. If you’re purchasing tennis equipment for your outdoor area, you’ll be looking for a table that has frames and legs galvanized with galvanized steel to prevent it from being damaged by rainy weather.

Apart from the playing surface thickness, we suggest choosing a table with more of a chassis to avoid the long-term damage that can occur caused by children falling or jumping over the table. Children are known to love leaning back and sitting on tables that can deform the chassis and make the surface uneven. A stronger chassis can in preventing this.

Simple and quick to set up

One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing the most suitable table tennis is how long it takes to set up. Nowadays, the majority of manufacturers have found methods to ship the table assembled or with a 20-minute maximum time to assemble.

But, you may encounter tables with inadequate instructions that could take up to four hours or more to put together. Make sure you choose tables that come fully assembled or have an easy-play feature, so you can begin having fun playing tennis in the shortest time possible without any hassle is possible.

However, as mentioned when the quality of the table gets better, it becomes harder to create pre-assembled tables. Therefore, you shouldn’t think that the tables will arrive ready to be assembled. A good example can be the Butterfly Centrefold 25 which arrives completely ready to use.

Security features

When you are choosing a table, security is one of the important things you should consider. Children are attracted to ping tables the same way that moths are drawn to flames, so you must ensure that they won’t harm themselves while playing with it.

The primary injuries are typically minor such as fingers being trapped in corners, knocks to the corners, the foot of a person being pushed over in the process of setting it up, and other serious injuries.

Most tables have corner protectors to keep the table and the players secure from scrapes and scratches. Keep these on the table and replace them in the event that they are broken

Moreover, you should search for strong locking mechanisms for the wheels to stop them from moving during a game or when it’s folded and put away. Most good tables have these standard features but do not take them for granted and ensure that the locks are in good working order frequently.

Another security system you need to be sure of is that when the table is folded, the table shouldn’t be able to unfold abruptly which could cause a serious accident if someone’s not in the right place. A lot of tables have this feature as standard, but ensure you pick one with high ratings and a long traditional top-quality design that uses durable materials.


It really does matter to choosing a table is defining the skill level of those who use the table. A beginner shouldn’t spend thousands of dollars on a top-of-the-line model. They should opt for something more affordable. Advanced players often demand better quality tables that are comparable to those used in competitions. It is also important to consider the thickness of your table. They are not recommended for serious practice because they do not give the balls a good bounce.


You can invest in a table if you have the money to get qualified tables after considering table thickness. Tables with a thicker base give the ball more bounce. The thickness of a table can vary from 12 to 25 millimeters. Tables with a thickness of 15-18mm are suitable for recreational players. Professionals prefer thicker tables.

It is important to remember the undercarriage as it is just as important as your table surface. You can find many styles and types of undercarriage.

How much do ping-pong tables cost?

Last but not least, How much you can pay for a ping pong table tennis table should be involved.

Ping pong tables could cost from $100 up to $2000. The cheapest ones usually are very fragile and have a spongy playing surface, so we’d advise against them. If you’re on a budget, there are still some options that may be suitable. However, we’d recommend buying a table which is as good for your need as possible and cost as low as possible.

If you’re looking for a table designed intended for recreational and fun use it’s best to choose an average tabletop with a thickness of between 15 to 19 millimeters, which will cost you between $400 to $600. Many of the most well-known tables cost under $500 which means you don’t need to shell out a lot of money to purchase a quality table.

If you want to buy a table that has excellent features, like a thick surface that lasts several years you’ll be paying about the $600-$1000 price range. If you’re looking for the most expensive Olympic competition table, you’ll have to pay more, but the tables that offer value typically fall within the same price bracket.

What are the best brands for Ping Pong Tables?

There are numerous reliable names when we mention manufacturers of ping-pong tables. JOOLA, as well as STIGA, are likely to be two of the most well-known brands, however, there are plenty of other reputable brands, including Butterfly, Cornilleau, Kettler, Killerspin, Nittaku, Sponeta, and others.

The play surface’s thickness is the main aspect to take into account when selecting the best ping pong table, so don’t be excessively on the name. However, it is worthwhile to read some of the past customer reviews about the service when looking for replacement parts, or in the event that the table is not as good as you expected. Sometimes, the table is damaged or is not of the standards you would be used to. However, how the business deals with this issue is the most important aspect. Make sure to stick with any of the best ping-pong table brands mentioned above when you can.

Ping Pong Table FAQs

Ping pong table dimension

There are plenty of queries we frequently receive, so we’ll take an examination of a few of them before we get to the table tennis table review.

Are tables that can be used indoors or outdoors?

In theory, it’s possible, however, we wouldn’t take it on. You shouldn’t leave a table intended for indoor use that has an MDF (medium-density fiberboard) tabletop outdoors for extended durations of time during rainy weather conditions or when it’s humid. The moisture can cause damage to the table.

What is the cost of tables for ping-pong?

It depends on the type, condition of the table, and the cost of shipping, but you can expect to pay a couple of hundred dollars less on a used table. Amazon often sells second-hand tables that are refurbished that are worth looking at because they’re less expensive however they’re not always available.

Is it worth buying used ping-pong tables?

Although used ping-pong tables are often great deals, it is important to be cautious when purchasing a second-hand one. You should look for tables that have been used very little and are in excellent condition. Be sure to inspect where the table was placed. If it is kept outside or in moist, moldy areas, it may begin to warp.

You should consider where give you the prestige to buy used ping-pong tables. Amazon is one of the channels to get it.  However, this kind of item is quite a hot and quick move, please make sure to follow our page to get the updated news.

How can I maintain my ping-pong table?

It is important to clean regularly, store properly and handle things carefully.

You can wash your table with soft fabric (lint-free or cotton) and water regularly. Use gentle pressure to rub the table. Be sure to take out the net before you clean.

We recommend using a water/vinegar mixture, which is equal parts vinegar and liquid water, to remove heavier stains. Do not use any harsh chemicals as they could cause damage to the tabletop.

Cover the table when it is not in use to keep dust off and prevent weather damage.

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Summary – Which One Should You Purchase?

Above is our full recommendation for the Best ping pong tables for players. And we’ll list some items that we’ve chosen for your reference.

I hope this article will help you make a better choice when you are looking for information to select an outdoor or indoor Ping Pong table for your home. Keep in mind that when choosing an indoor table, the most important thing to be aware of is the table’s surface, however, for outdoor tables you should focus on the mix with the ability to endure any weather condition as well as bounce performance.

Ping pong table JOOLA Tour 2500

With these considerations in mind, to find the top indoor table, we suggest you test one of the following: JOOLA Tour 2500 Vs The JOOLA Inside 25, or as well as the STIGA Advantage Pro all of which are fantastic for casual play or families. If you’ve got more budget to spend and you’re looking for a one-inch-thick premium, top-of-the-line table, we suggest that you consider the Butterfly Centrefold, however, it’s a bit more expensive than another table we’ve reviewed.

In case you tend to buy an outdoor table, we suggest items:  Cornilleau 250S crossover, STIGA XTR, or the JOOLA Nova DX because they are the most value for money. All of them have excellent customer reviews too.

If you have any questions that we’ve missed covering regarding these outdoor and indoor tables, then contact us via our contact page. We’d also love to hear about the table you chose and what you’re satisfied with!