Top 8 Best Table Tennis Shoes Reviews and Shopping Guide (In 2023)

To play a well-known sport like ping pong table tennis, you have to prepare the equipment and uniforms. One of the most important things you need to care about is shoes. The beginners or newbies will ask if they could use one kind of shoe for all sport.

For this concern, we advise our clients to wear the best table tennis shoes instead of normal sporting shoes to play the game of ping pong.

The reason for this is that this ping pong table tennis sport requires players to perform special foot movements that normal shoes aren’t able to support.

We will figure out some kinds which have disadvantages to use in ping pong table tennis:

Running shoes are too heavy and the lateral support is not good enough.

Badminton shoes: although this kind can help you have a good grip, they are as heavy as running shoes. Therefore, somehow it can be used at an intermediate level.

Volleyball shoes: This kind is heavier and it’s not good for cushioning.

Tennis shoes: This kind is in turn so heavy that it’s not suitable.

With the right ping pong shoes, you’ll be able to boost your performance on the field, and also avoid injuries.

In the next section, we will give you a look at the top 10 shoes to play table tennis for this year, and these models are also best-seller items on Amazon, you can be easier to find.

Scroll down to view the available models and purchase one!


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Summarize the value of each table tennis shoes

Top 8 For Best Table Tennis Shoes Review

Here are our top 8 reviews of ping pong shoes.

Product ImagesProduct NamesEditor's RatingPrice
Butterfly Lezoline Rifones Shoes Absorbing4.9See Latest Price
Adidas Originals Pharrell Williams Running4.9See Latest Price
Butterfly Table Tennis Shoes Performance4.8See Latest Price
Butterfly Trynex Table Tennis Shoes4.8See Latest Price
ASICS Gel Rocket Womens Shoes4.8See Latest Price
ASICS Upcourt Shoes Silver4.7See Latest Price
NIKE Court White Black4.7See Latest Price
Nike Men's Court Lite 2 Tennis Shoe4.7See Latest Price

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We go into detail to evaluate each product:

#1: Butterfly Lezoline Rifones ‘ Shoes

See Latest Price

  • BUTTERFLY TABLE TENNIS SHOE The Butterfly table tennis shoes can be described as among the…
  • EXTREME CUSHION B-Armor protects the upper portion of the front by a KPU…
  • Superior Support – The design impedes unintentional movements and increases…

Below is the Butterfly Lezoline Review.

If you are looking for stability when using table tennis, this model is our top recommendation to you.

Take a look at the shoes!

It is easy to spot that the Wingrip outside the sole.

The piece works to provide extra grips and assist your footwork in rapid moves.

After landing from a jump or shifting from side to side and back, you will always be steady.

The Brand has put B-Absorber’s sponge between the outer sole and the midsole.

It absorbs all shock and will add more cushion to help keep your feet in a good place.

However, the product doesn’t have many features that help reduce the overall weight.

This is why, after a certain time of wearing this kind of shoes, you might feel tired on your feet.


  • The outer sole of the Wingrip is designed to provide extra grips and additional footwork support
  • B-Absorber absorbs the entire shock
  • The bridge-shaped middle sole is designed to support the motion of sliding
  • 4 colors are available.


  • Heavy.
  • Much smaller in comparison to the real size

# 2: Adidas Originals Men’s Pharrell Williams

See Latest Price

  • Imported
  • adidas shoes

The Adidas Table Tennis shoes deserve to be the top spot on this list.

The entire shoe is constructed from 100% synthetic materials to be extremely elastic and stretchy. This gives maximum comfort for player when playing.

The main benefit of these shoes is their sock-like construction.

The design of the shoe allows it to fit your feet well.

There is no need to worry about your shoes falling out when playing ping-pong.

Be aware of the fact that the Adidas product isn’t the most comfortable table tennis shoe for those with broad feet.

If you’re an oversized foot, you may feel a little uncomfortable at the ankle while you wear this device.

Please don’t complain about this point, because these shoes are known to design with a narrow design.


  • A 100% Synthetic material that offers high stretch and flexibility.
  • Sock-like construction that hugged feet with a tight hug
  • Rubber sole bring extra grip
  • 9 color options to choose from.


  • Tightness in the ankle
  • Ideal for people with small or medium-sized feet because of the narrow design

#3: The Butterfly Groovy Table Tennis Shoe 8088

See Latest Price

  • Created for the intense athleticism of the top players
  • Stabilizes and grips well. properties.
  • Lightweight, with great cushioning material

The above kinds mostly are for small feet, what about wide feet?

What are the top shoes for feet with wide feet? It would be a pity if we do not choose the Butterfly 8088!

No matter how big the player’s feet are, this model can bring the best ease to your feet.

Butterfly Brand has developed these Groovy shoes in a size that is compatible with EU standards.

This is why they’re quite large, not just in the toe box, but also in the back.

If you wear these shoes you’ll have ample room inside these shoes.

Even better, because the midsole of the shoes is made extremely thin.

This design allows your feet to feel less pressure from the sole, allowing for a more comfortable and relaxed experience.

We recommend that you only wear this piece for indoor use.

The sole of these shoes is said to wear down quickly as you wear them and walk outside, particularly on concrete floors.


  • EU size, which allows people to have wide feet
  • The midsole is thin for added ease of use
  • Ventilation and high traction
  • Five color options to choose from


  • It will wear out fast when you walk on a concrete-floored road

#4: Butterfly Trynex Table Tennis Shoes 8087

See Latest Price

  • High-Value Trynex is a Butterfly table tennis shoe that has an excellent price…
  • SUPERIOR GRIP – The sole of the rubber provides an excellent grasp on almost any type of surface…
  • Great comfort – The Trynex is a very comfortable shoe because of its entire mesh…


They are the Butterfly Trynex is the best table tennis shoe designed to ensure ease of use. This model can give you much support.

What makes this product different from others available in mesh construction.

The mesh body in totality makes the shoes extremely air-conditioned.

It’s not hot on your feet, even after playing ping-pong for long hours.

This product also helps with foot movement a lot.

The sole made of rubber helps provide greater grip on the floor, enhancing the grip and stability of the feet.

Why do companies opt for rubber as the primary material?

With its durability, the rubber can help the outsole to resist scratches when you travel at a speed of light.

Please be noted to select the one that is smaller than the measurement of your foot.

The shoes appear to be larger than the advertised size.

If you pick an item that fits the size of your feet it could feel spacious within.


  • All mesh construction for maximum airflow
  • Rubber sole for high traction and stability. It also provides durability
  • EVA soft foam sole for more comfort
  • 2 color choices


  • Short strings
  • Bigger than the advertised size.


#5: ASICS Gel-Rocket 9 for Women

See Latest Price

  • Forefoot GEL Cushioning Design (COURT): Attenuates shock during impact…
  • Trusstic Systems Technology Lowers the burden of the unit and…

Like the above Adidas product, This ASICS Gel-Rocket 8 is made of 100 percent synthetic materials.

If you’re searching for shoes that are flexible and have high elasticity, we recommend this model.

It is a Gel-Rocket 9 that is ideal for players who typically play ping-pong in an aggressive style.

Its Forefoot GEL cushioning system in the shoes absorbs all the impact you experience when running to help you stay balanced when moving at a fast speed.

Most customers who choose to purchase shoes have a habit take the one dimension smaller than their real feet because this kind of shoes will become wider after a certain time and then can make them feel comfortable.

However, This model won’t become larger after a period of use. Don’t worry about this.

Please choose the one that fits your feet!


  • 100% synthetic materials to ensure high flexibility and stretchability
  • The forefoot GEL cushioning system to provide trapping and shock absorbance
  • Trusstic system design reduces the weight of the unit.
  • Four colors to choose from.


  • Size of shoe not increasing after a while
  • There are no EVA inserts

#6 ASICS Men’s Upcourt 4

See Latest Price

It’s the ASICS Upcourt 4 is our preference for the top lightweight table tennis shoes.

Try to wear this and you’ll be amazed at how lively and light it feels!

We’ll give huge praise to the design of this item.

As you can see the meshes are positioned all over the shoes to make them very ventilated and breathable.

There shouldn’t be any worries about feet sweating or foot smell!

The Upcourt 4 has a similar EVA midsole as Gel-Rocket 9.

As previously mentioned, this EVA sock liner can increase its bounce as well as the softness of shoes and make them lighter.

However, it seems that the shoes don’t provide enough support for the ankle.

If you shift between sides, or when you land after a jump, the ankle could become unstable and twist.


  • Design with mesh to allow for maximum breathability
  • EVA midsole to provide high softness and bounce
  • Super lightweight
  • 4 colors available


  • There is no ankle support
  • Support for toes is not so strong.

#7 Nike Men’s Court 2 Tennis Shoes

See Latest Price

  • Combination of Synthetic leather, Synthetic leather, and mesh for comfort…
  • Use long foam midsole, with shank for cushioning and stabilization.
  • Outsole traction pattern to the control of hard court surfaces


We would like to present to you the Nike Court Lite 2 – an upgraded version of the earlier model.

It still offers plenty of comfort for your feet and can provide more support to the traction.

The whole body of the shoes is made from leather and synthetic materials.

This is why they are able to be stretched to fit any foot size.

The leather will improve the airflow of the shoes. So, you won’t be worried about the ventilation.

What about the support for traction?

The outsoles of this footwear are made of premium rubber.

This will ensure that the sole grip the floor more effectively and protect it from getting abrasion.

It’s quite unfortunate that there isn’t any feature to lower the weight.

If you wear them, you might notice that the shoes feel heavy.

If you’re playing hard in these shoes your feet, you could get tired fast.


  • Leather and synthetic to provide comfort and airflow
  • Rubber outsoles support the traction and resistance to abrasion
  • Foam midsole cushions the feet
  • 7 color choices


  • Lack of arch support
  • Heavy

#8: Nike Men’s Court Lite Tennis Shoes

See Latest Price

  • Combination of upper materials for the durability and ease of use
  • Mesh’s tongues improve the ability to breathe.
  • GDR outsole provides durable traction

Thumb up for the long-lasting durability in the NIKE Court Lite.

We’re not exaggerating, but these NIKE Ping Pong shoes are definitely made to last over a long period of time!

Exclusive GDR outsoles are extremely thick which provide a high level of performance when you run.

Even if your feet rub the floor they will not become damaged.

Additionally, The Brand also adds an additional layer of synthetic materials on the inside of the shoebox.

By using this design, the front part of the shoes will be more resistant to the abrasion that occurs after landing leaping.

At first, the shoes might appear more narrow in the shape. However, after a period of use, they begin getting looser and you’ll be very comfortable on your feet.


  • GDR outsoles with excellent traction and resistance to corrosion
  • An additional layer is added to the toe box to provide abrasion resistance
  • Mesh’s tongue enhances breathability
  • 4 colors available


  • Narrow at first.
  • Short laces

Buying Guide – How to Choose Table Tennis Shoes?

Best Table Tennis Shoes

For any player of the table tennis shoes are among the most essential equipment for them to be concerned about.

With the many options available right moment, the issue is “How do you choose tables tennis shoes?”.

In reality, you’d be sure to take a variety of factors into consideration to choose the appropriate footwear for your needs.

Do we want to begin?

To get a clear idea of the best shoes in table tennis games, we have listed the important factors to consider when choosing the best table tennis set of footwear.

Features Of Table Tennis Shoes


For starters, light is a crucial aspect that you should consider when you are choosing table tennis shoes.

The course of playing the game requires you to make extremely quick moves around the table meaning that the weight of the shoe can have an impact on your speed of movement.

The most comfortable table tennis shoes that are light will allow you to change direction in a matter of minutes without putting up any barriers.

What else are you supposed to think about when picking a set of tennis shoes for table tennis?

Read on to find out more!

Thin Soles

The other thing to be aware of when selecting the right shoes to play table tennis is that the soles are thin.

You may think about why this criterion is so important?

The reason for this is because the more close you are to your ground the fewer chances of you suffering from ankle twists and other injuries that result from quick moves of side-to-side.

Therefore, you should keep the soles as thin as you can.


There isn’t any cushioning in your tennis shoes for table tennis, which could increase the weight of your body and cause your speed to slow.

If you observe carefully then you could recognize that the cushion of the table tennis is extremely light, but still offers sufficient support for its players.

Moreover, they must be made of light materials that will keep your movement running easily.

Comfy And a Perfect Fit

The next thing to be thinking about when making your selection is picking the best Ping-Pong shoes that are broad.

Not only in table tennis but also in other sporting activities, perfect fit, and comfortable shoes can make your moves more comfortable.

As previously mentioned the ping-pong game demands a constant and continuous movement from one side to another. This requires the right steps and proper position to hit the ball.

This is the time when the shoe comes on to make sure all movements are comfortable and in the right position.


Whichever choice you make, duration is among the most important concerns.

In fact, you will prefer table tennis shoes made from synthetic leather premium quality or genuine leather and table tennis shoes on the market in recent times.

Many people may think that real leather is a more durable and fashionable alternative.

However, to ensure that you can play with confidence, synthetic materials should be the best version since it’s stronger and breathable in comparison to others.

Breathable Materials

Breathable is the term used to describe the type of material that allows your feet to breathe while wearing shoes.

Table tennis shoes are produced using mesh generally so that the circulation of air is better and shields you from sweaty situations.

This feature will ensure that you’ll be more relaxed and confident in every move you make in the field.

Other factors lead to your decision

Your Skills Level

The ability to determine your level of play is crucial when selecting the correct pair of shoes.

Particularly, in the beginning, you are able to wear any sports shoes you like.

The shoe you choose to wear in this instance, may not be a big deal since you’ll need to focus on learning how to master your strokes and master the fundamental techniques of table tennis.

If you’re better in your game and begin to participate in more professional contests The footwork will be an element of professional equipment.

At this point, it is crucial to choose the right table tennis shoes that can be the difference to help you victory in the game.

The Surface for Playing Surface

As previously mentioned the thin sole can give you a lot of help handling grip issues in table tennis.

However, this particular sole may only be used when you play indoors or on soft playgrounds.

It is best to do not to have them on surfaces made of wood, concrete, or even outside of the ground in any way.

As a result, if you only spend the mere act of playing on a hard surface, your footwear could be severely damaged, and you may even be injured due to the forceful movements on the hard surfaces.


Last but not least, whether you’re looking to buy table tennis sneakers for women or table tennis shoes for men, the price tags are one of the most important factors that need to be certain and considered.

In general, the shoes are specially designed for table tennis sport will be quite expensive. The price may differ depending on the type of material you select and the brand you choose.

So, if you’re just playing the game for fun, you may not be required to invest a lot of money to purchase a professional shoe.

If your table tennis skills are getting better, or you want to improve your active game, it will be worth it to make a small investment to ensure you have the best shoes to power every move.

One Last Word

This is a brief overview of the factors to be a good table tennis shoes.

It would be ideal to have an idea now of what aspects you need to consider when choosing a pair of tennis shoes for table tennis.

It is possible to go to the local stores to discover additional criteria you can include in the list above.

We hope you’ll be able to locate the perfect model for you depending on what you require.

FAQs For How To Choose The Best Table Tennis Shoes

We list below common questions that customers could concern about while searching for the top tables tennis shoe.

What is special about Table Tennis Shoes?

Ping pong table tennis players have particular foot movements.

Table tennis shoes are designed to help support these movements.

In comparison to normal shoes, ping pong shoes are lighter in weight, offer more grip, and have an elongated sole.

This is a way to prevent falling on your ankles when you jump or move from side to side.

Are Badminton and Table Tennis Shoes The Same?

They aren’t identical. The shoes used to play badminton are more rigid and heavier than ping-pong shoes.

The heel cap on badminton products is also higher to shield the feet from injury during the game.

Which ping pong table tennis shoes do the Professional choose to wear?

Ping pong table tennis professionals typically select shoes from well-known brands, like Adidas, ASICS, Butterfly, NIKE, and Mizuno.

The professional always requires shoes to have excellent traction, lightweight airflow, and ease of wearing. Outsole traction pattern to the control

Can You Use Tennis Shoes In Table Tennis Sport?

We wouldn’t recommend you wear tennis shoes when playing ping pong table tennis.

The reason is that tennis shoes are specifically designed to run across long distances, whereas Ping-Pong shoes are made to speed up motions on small distances.

If you are wearing the wrong kind of footwear you could inflict injury on your feet.

What’s the difference between Tennis Shoes For Table Tennis Shoes And Running Shoes?

The outsoles of running shoes are thick as well as big heel caps.

This design isn’t suitable for ping-pong games, since it is difficult for players to move between sides.

If you are wearing running shoes when playing tables tennis, then you could be injured quickly.


Here are our top rank 8 for best table tennis shoes.

In our point of view, we believe that our Adidas Originals men’s Pharrell Williams is the best item overall.

Made of synthetic materials, this piece will stretch and create an ideal fit and make your feet feel much comfortable when playing ping-pong.

The rubber sole will provide additional grip on the pavement to help ensure that your feet remain stable while running.

You’ll definitely feel happy in these sneakers!

Other products are also great to use! If you love any of the products, don’t be afraid to purchase them!

Let’s play table tennis, we will provide all your needs including shoes.

Thank you for taking the time to read!