How Much Does Ping Pong Paddle Cost?

Do you want to play Ping pong table tennis? If yes, please do it right away. Let’s learn some basic rules of ping pong table tennis, then purchase shoes, paddle, ball, table, and go ahead.

Today we will guide you on how to choose a suitable paddle for this game.

There are many kinds and different brands available on the market. You can look around the store on Amazon also, you can see many catching items.

You must be confused and don’t know which one is right for you. Don’t worry, we will help you. Choosing the right paddle depends on your skill level and your budget also. The price range of the paddle varies following your playing level.

Here, you can take a look at the price category which you need to choose if you’re planning for an all-new paddle.

How much will a ping-pong paddle cost? Bats of high-quality cost between $80 to $200. In this price range, it is typical to purchase the paddle with two rubbers and a blade. A great bat for beginners costs between $40 and $65. Bats designed for leisure use are just $10. A table tennis ball that is the most pricy on the market is $758.

It’s likely that it’s not a $10 or $758 paddle. Instead, bats that cost between $100 and $300 will come into consideration. In this article, I’ll help in determining the most suitable price segment for your needs.

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What does a good Table Tennis paddle Cost?

The price of a paddle depends on the function that you require the paddle and even the Brand you like. You use the paddle for competitions that are official or serious amateur matches or for playing with your family. Based on this, you can decide the qualities that you need for your good paddle.

Thus, you’ll find below the correct cost segment to match each of the purposes.

What is the average price for a good Paddle for Beginners?

No matter what you begin to play as a member of a club or an amateur. You should not purchase a racket that is already made with a blade, instead, you should purchase a racket with rubber and a blade that you like.

When you start to learn about ping pong table tennis, it is sensible to select paddles with well-balanced characteristics of speed, spin, and control. Therefore, you can begin with an all-around paddle which lets you practice many styles of playing.

Experts suggest beginners shouldn’t use a “professional racket” at the first period of playing ping pong table tennis. If you use this kind of paddle, it’s too fast or “spinny” at the beginning, and you will find it hard to control all the time.

Beginners don’t need to search for a paddle with a price higher than $100. The most suitable all-around rackets are between $60-$85. If you don’t wish to invest that much initially, you can get an acceptable racket at 40 dollars.

However, The differences in price are visible in the quality. This is why you need to consider if paying 20 EUR more to have more fun and control is worthless.

If you do choose to purchase at the $40 price, it is better to purchase a Ready to Play paddle that already has two rubbers that are glued together. One of the best models in this class includes Butterfly Timo Boll Carbon Fiber. Butterfly Timo Boll Carbon Fiber.

What is the average price for a good Blade Cost?

You will be curious about which part of the paddle is more valued. For a paddle that costs $60, it would cost approximately $35 for the blade. The most popular model in this price range can be the Stiga Allround Classic. This is the most popular blade and has all the right features for a beginner who wants to become an expert.

I also suggest this blade for a paddle that costs up to $80. You can also use slightly higher-quality rubbers.

How much does a qualified Rubber Cost?

If you want a paddle at $60 for all-around use, the rubber Friendship Super 729 FX (approx. $14) could be suitable. If you’re looking to spend some more then you can go with the Andro GT 55 is a great option.

How much does a Competition Paddle Cost?

You don’t have to invest more than $80 to get a top-quality paddle. In particular, in the all-around section, you will get excellent quality for the price. However, when you need a paddle for a competition, you will require a more specialized racket.

If you are looking for suitable blades and rubbers, you’ll see that a standard racket costs between $150-$120. The price range depends on the style you’re able to play.

The German top athlete – Timo Ball spends more than $220 to get a qualified paddle. The blade he uses is named in honor of his nickname Timo Boll. Butterfly Timo Boll as well as his butterfly Tenergy rubber.

How much will the paddles for recreational ping pong cost?

How Much Does Ping Pong Paddle Cost

If you are just looking for playing table tennis once in a while or for fun, it is better to opt for paddles that are ready to play. In the recreational category, they cost between $20 to $35. An affordable and good paddle within this category is that of the Butterfly Wakaba 3000.

If you decide to purchase a fresh table tennis table to play at your home, you’ll require several crackers. Perhaps you would like to have the option of playing doubles, or sometimes there are more players.

In this case, you will need low-cost table tennis paddles. You don’t need to have costly and more qualified paddles that meet the requirements of a professional. For instance, you can opt for a hobby package that comes with four paddles. This bundle includes 6 crackers and 4 3-star balls at only $25.

What is the cost of most expensive Table Tennis Bat cost?

When looking at the cost of something, it’s fascinating to know what the lowest price and most expensive price would be.

In the past, Nittaku Resoud was the most expensive with the price of $1712. In addition, you still have to buy more two rubber. However, these models didn’t sell anymore.

Nowadays, some players still wonder what is the most expensive paddle and is it worth equipping such an expensive paddle in ping pong table tennis?

It can cost you more than a thousand dollars for a paddle. However, sometimes the most expensive paddle doesn’t mean that the suitable one for you.

If you’re looking for the highest-priced blade, it is not necessary to need over a thousand bucks (unless you can buy a used Resoud blade for sale on eBay).

A paddle with the highest price you could put together is about $758 on Amazon.

It includes the Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC – Chinese Penhold and the rubber Butterfly Digits 80.

One of the most costly racquets that you can use directly without gluing the rubbers is the Killerspin Stilo7 SVR. This item is not only the most powerful paddle on the market but also so good compared with the price of $350.

What does the Cheapest Table Tennis paddle Cost?

As mentioned above, besides some players’ concerns about the most expensive racket, there are many people who are looking for the cheapest table tennis paddle cost. We also give out some models in the range of $40 -$85 also. However, on Megaspin you can get a paddle at just $3.18! Surprisingly, right?

What do you need to consider regarding the paddle’s cost?

There are two parts that count for the paddle’s cost: blades and rubbers.

The cracker’s blades can be considered to last for a long time. If you take care of them well, they will be able to continue to play for more than 10 years with the same cracked.

Unlike the blades, the rubber will be worn out and lose spin, speed, and control over time. Therefore, Almost competitive players change their rubbers at least twice every year. If you’re an amateur player and purchased a better quality paddle, experiences have proven that it is not necessary to replace it frequently.

If the rubber isn’t seriously worn out and it’s just about grasped, you can use some methods to fix it with a stick. You can learn how to do it at another post.

However, in many cases, this fixing can’t help you and you’ll have to buy new rubber. As a result, when you’re discussing the cost of rackets, Please keep in mind that there are “ongoing expenses” involved.

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The Best Price for You

There are various paddles that you can get the right one with different price ranges. Hope that this post will give you an idea of how much the ping pong table tennis paddle cost and which rate you should invest.

Please come to our page or Amazon page to look at details of which model with the attached price, then choose one suitable for you.

Buy one right for you and enjoy the game!