Methods And Tips: How To Play A Forehand Loop In Table Tennis?


Issues related to “How to play a forehand loop in table tennis?” are among the top topics loved by those interested in and who are practicing this sport. This ping pong style is popular because it is a dominant style at all levels, from beginner to advanced.

To be an expert in the sport, you must grasp this gameplay. As for playing the best, please refer to our instructions right away!

Forehand loop in table tennis

Answer: How To Play A Forehand Loop In Table Tennis?

Do not keep you waiting too long. We start to go into the detailed exploration of the forehand loop steps below!

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Posture And Body Position

To get the right stance for making the best forehand shots, follow these factors:

  • You should separate your feet by 1.5 shoulders. On the other hand, some players have a large build, and you can create a distance of 2.
  • The right foot should be angled outward and away from the left foot position.
  • Knees should stand in a slightly bent position.
  • As for the bodyweight, you need to tilt them forward of the feet.
  • You also need to relax the upper body and avoid over-stretching the muscles because it will tense your body. 

The preparatory positions in the above content are created to help to make a solid, balanced, and logical base that will allow you to make the best shots possible.

As we can notice, the stance on the lower and upper parts is a perfect contrast. While the lower body is a solid stance that underpins the body’s movement, the upper part is a loose and flexible one for reflexes to the ball.

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After standing poses, movement is the next important factor. Follow the instructions and notes below to get the most necessary knowledge for each of your movements: 

  • The first point you must know about this style of play is that you need to lower yourself a bit. The parts that need to be lowered include the arms, a slightly low body, and the bat.
  • Waist rotation (not shoulder rotation) is an important part of the move.
  • In the case of right-handed people, you need to shift the weight to the right foot when doing the backswing. After that, you need to switch the left root when making an exposure with the ball.
  • Your bat angle needs to be a little closer. For example, if you are playing with a topspin ball, the forehand loop will go above the top side of the ball, while a drive will play at a 45-degree angle.
  • If you have to keep your elbows fixed in a drive, then in the loop, it’s the exact opposite. Specifically, when making a connection with the ball, you must flex your elbow, and on the backswing, you need to extend your elbow.
  • And you don’t need to spin as much when a drive type, but you need to do more spin with a loop. You need to make sure you’re brushing the balls, not hitting them.
  • You ought to pay attention that this playing style requires a lot of speed and fierceness. Moreover, you also need to zip, snap, or make many quick moves depending on the situation.

Posture And Body Position in Forehand Loop In Table Tennis

Complete And Recovery

A successful hit can make you more confident, but don’t forget to return to the recovery position to prepare for more hits from your opponent. Recovery skills are also key for anyone who wants to be a good player in the sport.

You should put your bat in the facade of you at the end of the hit, and this is also the best suggestion for those just beginning to play table tennis. Some professional and advanced players often finish the forehand loop over their faces.

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To help you restore energy after hitting and prepare for the next time, immediately follow the requirements below:

  • Keep the bat at eye level.
  • The elbow needs to be bent 90 degrees to bring the bat forward.
  • Turn your face towards play and pay attention to the ball instead of being distracted.
  • Always try to bring the bat to the middle to get the best position to respond to all game developments.

Due to the nature of forehand loops, which requires a lot of energy in terms of speed and spin, it is also a big challenge when you are new to this style. However, this gameplay significantly reduces your recovery time. This factor will make you a good player if you adapt to this reduced recovery time.

Complete And Recovery after Forehand Loop

Useful Tips For Forehand Loops

The first issue mentioned is the “need to rotate the hips” when playing this batting style. We mentioned this first because many players don’t rotate their hips or confuse hip rotation with shoulder rotation. This problem has greatly affected the quality of the game. 

You can vary the spin to improve this gameplay and get the best feeling when hitting. Furthermore, you can often make a forehand loop toward the backhand side to learn more flexible footwork.

It would be best to focus on the game and avoid neglect or lack of preparation because the opponent can attack you in every shot. To focus effectively, you can pay attention to how your opponent’s body moves and the direction the ball is moving during the game.

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Sports like table tennis always require a lot of patience and practice to become a good or professional player. Therefore, try to practice in many different situations when you first start playing this style, and after playing well, you should continue to practice regularly.

Useful Tips For Forehand Loops


Performing forehands is not difficult if you firmly grasp the principles of stance, movement, recovery, and many other observation skills. The other important thing is not to forget to refer to more tips to get the best skills.

Looking forward to the great method on “How to play a forehand loop in table tennis?” mentioned above will help you become a professional player in this sport!


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