Other Games You Can Play On A Ping Pong Table – 19 Games Fun For You!

Nowadays, table tennis becomes a popular sport. You can play this game in many places such as the living room, kitchen, garage, office, entertainment room, and also outdoors. However, to invest in a separate ping pong table for only normal ping pong use is not cheap at all. How about the multifunctional Ping pong table? Here we mean that you can play various games on it. Let’s read our article to get a share about the games that can be used with the games you can play on a ping pong table.


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Here are 19 additional games you can play on a ping pong table which are fun and easy to master…

Let’s take a look…

19 Fun Options for other games you can play on a ping pong table

  • Beer Pong
  • Table hockey
  • Double Paddle Ball
  • Dancing Around the Table
  • All Hands are on the Paddle
  • Sharp Shooting Ball Toss
  • At-Home Table Squash
  • Travel Around the World
  • Ping Pong Blow
  • Basketball
  • Tied Up Teams
  • Dinosaur Arms Ping Pong
  • Ping Pong Blowing Races
  • 3-Legged Pong
  • Tag Ping Pong
  • Giant Ping Pong
  • Ping Pong Table Bowling
  • Add it up
  • The Push Peanut (Toothpick Game)

Beer Pong

Play beer pong funny

While it’s not a child-friendly game, however, it is enjoyable for kids to play by using juice instead of beer. Two players sit on opposite sides of the table and then throw Ping-Pong balls into the cups of the opposing player. When a ball is placed in a cup, the player who is opposite must drink whatever is in the cup and the game becomes harder as people still drink.

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Table Hockey

Ping-pong tables provide the perfect surface to play a game like playing table hockey. Utilizing books or blocks to form an outer wall on the table. Players utilize their hands, small sticks, or paddles to knock a ping-pong ball into a goal on the other side of the table. The scoring is simple in this game and the person who scores seven or five is the winner.

Double Paddle Ball

In this exciting game, the players have two paddles – one for each hand. They utilize their paddles to hit and return ping pong balls just like normal, however, they should not cross their body with hands, which means that they need to utilize the paddle on both hands. This is a very difficult game for those with a non-dominant hand and may cause balls to be thrown across the entire room.

Dancing Around the Table

These games need more than two players, each player begins with five points and continues to play until they have lost all. The game begins as a traditional ping pong game and once the player is successful in hitting the ball, they must then take their paddle off and the next player is able to jump into the game to replace them. Each one moves towards the back in the queue after having taken their turn. Following this way, everyone in the game can take turns playing, and no one has to wait so long. If a player fails to hit the ball or lands it in the air, he or she loses one point.

A different option is that everyone has their own paddles, and let players in the circle alternate as they move in a slow circle across the table.

All Hands are on the Paddle

The game follows the same rules as traditional ping pong, however, players need to remain with their hands on their paddles at all times. This can make it very difficult for players to move around between their respective sides of the table when trying to make shots. Moreover, it takes a lot of speedy movement, which is the reason why some players prefer playing the game with a team.

Sharp Shooting Ball Toss

Players make holes in the sides of large boxes and put them at the end of the table. Each hole has a distinct point value that reflects how difficult it is to throw the ball into the hole. The players then try to throw or hit a ping-pong ball through the hole. In this game, each player has a certain number of balls. The player with the highest number of scores after having hit all their balls is the winner.

At-Home Table Squash

By pushing the ping-pong table against the wall, players are able to utilize the wall as an aspect in their play. In this case, people don’t try to throw the ball over the net, the players attempt to bounce the ball off walls and make it back on the tables. They should make every effort to get it to hit on the side of their opponent to ensure that the ball remains in the game.

Travel Around the World

This is a fantastic sport to enjoy with several players and each owns an appropriate paddle. The players gather around the table and then hit the ping pong ball towards the one who is next to them. If one of the players misses the ball or hits it with such force that it bounces off the table, they’re eliminated from the competition and leave a pair of players playing normal ping pong.

Ping Pong Blow

Instead of racing ping-pong balls, the players try to blow one ball over their opponents’ lines. The players can use straws to focus on their target and blow their ball. However, they must not be permitted to play using their hands or even the straw. Utilizing small books or boxes placed around the edge of the table is a good idea to stop the ball from dropping off in the course of play.

Basketball is Other Games You Can Play On A Ping Pong Table

Players need to tape the cups to each end of the table, to serve as the basket during the game. They will then alternate throwing ball ping pong across the table, hoping to get them into the cup. Players may try to stop balls from entering their basket by preventing them with their ping-pong paddle. Children can be allowed to hold the ball in their hands to facilitate the game.

Tied Up Teams

Teams of two people are tied up back to back so that their faces assure to be in opposite directions. When a player strikes the ball, the team must rotate 180 degrees in order that the other player of the tied team will strike the following ball. The continuous back-and-forth action could be too difficult with some participants, but it’s a great method to bring a laugh to the game.

Dinosaur Arms Ping Pong

This game is fun and uses all the rules of traditional ping pong, however, players are required to pretend they have dinosaur-sized arms when playing. Instead of stretching out their arms in order to strike the ball with their arms, they must keep their elbows bent, and their arms tightly tucked into their bodies. If this is difficult, it’s best to play with two players in a group to ensure that there is greater coverage.

Ping Pong Blowing Races

Players can pick up straws, ping pong balls, or even cotton balls and attempt to blow them all the way down the distance of the table in order to win the game. Every player must try to keep their ball in control and isn’t permitted to touch the ball by using straws or hands while moving it along the table. If the ball is thrown off the table, it will be back to the start point.

3-Legged Pong

To play this game teams of two players have to tie one leg together to form the race of three legs. The players have to collaborate in order to move back and forth so that they can return the ball to their opponent. Both people need to have good communication so that players are capable of moving as a unit without crashing into one another.

Tag Ping Pong

This game blends ping pong along with the fun elements of tag. One player plays it, and the others have to take turns to play ping-pong. If a player is unqualified and tagged out, he or she must go to the ping-pong table and try to win to get back the game. If the player is capable of beating the opponent, the player is able to rejoin the game, the losers have to play until they become the winner then they can back to the game.

Giant Ping Pong

Instead of playing with ordinary shoes, players need to wear either the highest heels or a box in order to gain a bit of height. The extra height added to the feet makes it hard for the players to maintain their balance during play. It can affect their ability to measure distances properly and can result in lots of laughter as well as some spectacular strikes.

Ping Pong Table Bowling

Making use of the ping-pong table to bowl is a fun method to utilize. Install small plastic bottles at one side and then take a larger ball, like a tennis ball for bowling across the table. It can be made more difficult or simpler, based on the distance between the bottles and also the weight of the “bowling ball.”

Add it up is Other Games You Can Play On A Ping Pong Table

In this game, players first make a big mess of cups that have various numbers. Players must then hit or throw their ping-pong ball into the cups in order to achieve a particular score. All numbers are added once the ball hits the cup, and the player who has added up at the right score, without exceeding being is declared to be the winner.

The Push Peanut (Toothpick Game)

In this exciting game, each player requires an ice cube or a Ping Pong ball as well as a toothpick. With the toothpick in their mouth, players attempt to get the peanut to slide towards the bottom of the table. It is imperative that players ensure the object isn’t touched or touch the object that they are rolling with the hands of their fingers or breath into it, or else they’ll be disqualified.

If you happen to have a ping-pong table, you are able to play with a bit of imagination, you can play some amazing games that will keep your family entertained. Play one of these exciting games to try something unique the next time.


Games you can play on a ping pong table

Till now you can know some other games you can play on a ping pong table. Besides the above games, you can use this kind of table as other normal tables or tables used for casino games. To make it more beautiful and interesting you can cover it with a lovely tablecloth, then a ping pong table that will become a picnic table or a cocktail table at a party. No matter how you use it, the ping pong table also can give you a fun time with friends and family.

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