It’s the Best Stiga Raptor Review In 2023 – Full Review & Comparison

There are many options for you to choose the paddle to play ping pong tennis. It’s for sure that you can’t ignore the Stiga Raptor when considering.

If you are looking for a game to improve your win rate then Stiga Raptor can be a good choice. Recently released by the world-famous brand STIGA, The Raptor is making waves and is quickly becoming a very popular table tennis racquet for intermediate and advanced players.

What makes the Raptor become one of stand out of the thousands of Table Tennis paddles?

You can find out the answers by reading the Stiga Raptor review below!

Stiga Raptor Table Tennis Racket

“This product is for intermediate and advanced players who want speed and high spin shots”

Product highlights:

  • Performance – Spin: 100 Speed: 99 Control: 80
  • TTF rubber for tournament play
  • A table tennis racket is performance-level
  • S5 rubber, and 2mm sponge, Seven-ply extra light blade.

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Stiga Raptor Review

About Stiga Brand

Stiga has been the leading table tennis equipment and accessories manufacturer. They not only distribute in many countries all over the world but also continuously innovate their products which make them become stronger in the market. Moreover, Stiga’s customer service has received a good evaluation, giving a helpful guide for the players.


We’ll quickly go over this racket’s features in the initial part of the review of the Stiga Raptor paddle overview.

The following table can show very detailed specifications:

Name Of PaddleStiga Raptor
Name of BrandStiga
Weight0.46 lbs
Playing Surface Thickness5/8"
Blade7 ply - 5 real wood 2 carbon
Sponge Thickness2mm
RubberSTIGA'S S5
Play styleOffensive
ITTF Approved?Yes
Our rating9.5/10
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As you can realize from the above table, it is clear that the Raptor paddle is specially made with high spin and speed rates.

It weighs just 0.46 pounds so it is a piece of equipment that anyone can handle and hold easily.

In addition, the fashioned and elegant design could surprise you, since the paddle is made of an average sponge thickness of 2 millimeters in addition to ITTF certified S5 rubber.

You can refer to ITTF Certified standards here

Construction detail

We’ll analyze more deeply the STIGA Raptor table tennis racket to know more about the design of the racket.

The blade

The manufacturer has designed their blades of the STIGA Raptor Table tennis paddle with:

  • 5 layers of genuine balsa wood.
  • Two levels of carbon.

The outcome of the difference between Stiga Pro Carbon vs Raptor is likely to be a tie since both use the same blade structure.

If you are looking for your ball to be hit with precision and accuracy, the Raptor is a fantastic choice.

Carbon layers expand the sweet area on the blade’s surface, which prevents vibration when you hit the ball.

The rubber

It’s missing when we do not mention the S5 rubber on the bat in the Stiga Raptor recreational bat review.

This kind of material is well-known because of its elasticity and light.

It has been approved by ITTF to ensure that you can be confident about its quality and longevity.

Sponge layer

A layer in between the blade and the rubber is a 2mm thick layer of sponge, it will give the ball more spin when shots. This is great for those who like to attack but it won’t be suitable for beginners. It has set the standard of ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation), so the Stiga Raptor table tennis racket can be used in tournaments or official competitions while upgrading your skills.

Some might argue that the more dense rubber will provide greater speed however, keep in mind that it can reduce your capacity to control the paddle.

The handle

Stiga Raptor Handle
Stiga Raptor Handle

The Raptor paddle has a concave grip portion.

With the WRB technology, This hollow handle will give you an easy feel and remain in a stable position when you grip it.

The weight is concentrated on the middle of the racket’s surface.

This allows you to get a better feel for an effective shot.

After you’ve completed the hit you can swiftly shift the paddle back to its original position and get ready for your next hit.

Further in more detail, the WRB is a mix of three terms. These include:

  • W: Weight Balance
  • R: Rate of Recovery
  • B. Sensitivity of the Ball

Pros & Cons

We will summarise all the advantages and disadvantages that come with this STIGA Raptor in this section.


  • Speed and Spin Rate High
  • Elegant and professional design
  • The ideal style for offensive play.
  • A 7-ply blade containing S5 rubber
  • Carbon technology to create a bigger sweet spot
  • Balsa wood to build a strong base
  • Concave WRB hollow handle
  • Affordable price

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  • Support for novices is less and defensive players
  • The logo is not durable and does not stick to the handle

The points we love from the Stiga Raptor racquet.

From the first look, at first sight, this STIGA Raptor table tennis racket’s elegant design will immediately catch your attention.

The design and craftsmanship that create an elegant and professional look of this ping-pong bat are perfect.

There’s nothing to complain about the handle because of the light.

It delights all users with its high-ball sensitivity as well as weight balance.

If you’re an offensive player who enjoys striking with high speed, the Raptor is an ideal match.

What is better than shooting consistently and with precision?

The 7-ply blade paired with S5 rubber excels at this area, as it creates the sweetest spots on the surface that allow for the most precise hits.

Points to improve for a better table tennis racket.

Everything has a disadvantage. Of course, the Raptor is not an exception.

The racket is designed to help offensive players to strike the ball fast and forcefully.

It is easy to see the major aspects of this device when looking at the spin and speed rate of this product.

For players who are advanced There is nothing to worry about.

For beginners or players who are defensive, it might be difficult to control the paddle.

On the contrary, we do not appreciate the less durability of the logo that appears on the handle’s back.

The makers appear to have used cheap glue to attach it to the grip piece.

Therefore, after a period of use, this logo could pop out.

Stiga Raptor Paddle Review

STIGA Pro Carbon Vs STIGA Raptor Comparison

In addition to the STIGA Raptor review, We also provide an in-depth comparison of the Raptor and its competitor Pro Carbon.

Both are among the top table tennis paddles from the company STIGA.

Find who won STIGA Raptor Pro Carbon vs Pro Carbon!


This table provides detailed specifications of each STIGA model.

The below table is a comparison between these two paddles and you can determine which one is the best to match your style of play!

 Stiga Pro Carbon Stiga Raptor
Dimension (inches)10.43 x 6.1 x 1.57 inches21.5 x 6.25 x 2 inches
Weight of paddle 0.46 lbs0.45 lbs
Piles5 wood layers and 2 carbon layers5 wood layers and 2 carbon layers
Thickness2 mm2 mm
Rubber S5 rubber, 2 mm sponge, WRB handleS5 rubber, 2 mm sponge, WRB handle
Blade (in total)Seven-PlySeven-Ply
Playing Style Offensive, Fast, StrongOffensive, Fast, Strong
Editor's Rating 4.8 / 5 Stars4.8 / 5 Stars
PriceSee Latest PriceSee Latest Price

Our Comparative

There’s no big distinction between the STIGA Raptor and STIGA Pro Carbon.

You can clearly see that both products are constructed using the same blade and sponge thickness piles, and construction.

They’ll provide you with an extremely comfortable, light grip for hitting the ball at high speed.

Additionally, you will notice that the control rate and speed are identical.

Every product supports smashes that have a maximum speed of 99. This is ideal for offensive players with an aggressive style of play.

The control rate is 80, which is higher than the standard, but it’s not quite so impressive.

It is more accommodating to professional and offensive players than defensive novice players.

The main distinction between the two models lies in the design.

If you’re looking for a racket that is compact then we suggest that you go for the Raptor because its size measures 10.43 x 6.1 1.57 1.57 inches.

Its competition is the Pro Carbon – has a larger 21.5 x 6.25 2 inches.

Another thing to note is that the Raptor weighs in at a total of 0.46 pounds, 0.46 pounds is a bit larger than Pro Carbon (0.45 pounds).

STIGA Raptor Vs STIGA Pro Carbon: Which is the top overall?

It’s hard to say who will win: STIGA Raptor vs Stiga Pro Carbon.

Each product shares nearly the same specifications.

There is only a slight distinction in the style.

If you are looking for a compact paddle then it is the STIGA Raptor is going to be your ideal choice.

If you’re looking for an easy racket, we suggest that you purchase the STIGA Pro Carbon.

Or if you would like to look at any other paddles, please check our best ping pong paddles ever

In conclusion, Stiga is high quality, a good performance paddle With IITF approval makes it worth investing in the tournaments. Last but not least, the Stiga Raptor’s price deserves what it can give you.


With all the features we evaluated above, we find that the STIGA Raptor is a suitable choice for intermediate and advanced players looking for a new table tennis racket. The combination of speed and spin you can generate will suit intermediate and offensive players looking for a rowing move to generate power.

If you have any further concerns, contact us for more information.

We will get back to you within the shortest amount of time!

Thank you for your time, and see you in the next article!