Stiga ST3100 Vs Stiga Advantage Review — A detailed comparison For You

To play ping pong tennis, you have to learn many basic things in advance, then the next step is choosing your tools and equipment to play it. One of the pieces of equipment you need to care for is a tennis table. There are many brands which produce the best tennis table, and Stiga Sport also could give you various options to choose from.

Today we will introduce you to two of them: Stiga ST3100 vs Stiga Advantage via detailed comparison.

We will generally go over the comparison between Stiga ST3100 vs Advantage via different aspects.

Stiga ST3100 Vs Stiga Advantage comparison and Review.

We will sum up the essential details you can find from a Stiga master collection ST3100 review and also a Stiga Advantage review in the below table.

 Stiga ST3100 Stiga Advantage
Dimensions (LxWxH)( inch) 62.5" x 56.5" x 5.0"63" x 56" x 5.0"
Weight195 pounds195 pounds
Playing Surface Thickness5/8"3/4"
Assembly speed1-hour assembly time, as much as 20 putting together steps10-minute assembly, 95% pre-assembled, needs attaching eight screws to the legs.
Other UtilitiesBall apron, Playback feature, Easy storage, Large wheels for quick rollingSafety Latch system, Securing wheels, Simple and easy setup, Flexible legs
Playback ModeYesYes
Flexible Height Leg LevelersNoYes
Roll And LockYesYes
Fit WellPlayer-level Beginners as well as intermediate gamers to play at houses or officesPerfect for your residence and also workplaces
PriceSee Latest PriceSee Latest Price

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In this aspect, the Stiga-Advantage transcends to the ST3100.

These tennis table versions are for non-competitive games, so they typically serve newbies or intermediate players.

Because of this, their installation way must be suitable for table tennis newbies.

If you like this, the Stiga ST3100 doesn’t accomplish this demand.

According to the provided manual, there are up to 20 setting up steps, customers must comply with to assemble this table.

Besides, you need to have certain installation skills as well as various equipment to effectively set up the ST3100.

If you do not have such installation skills, you ought to request aid from specialists or experienced associates to prevent messing things up.

In comparison with the ST3100, the Stiga Advantage includes 95% of the preassembled parts. You only take 10 minutes to install, you can have terrific pleasure time with this tennis table.

Contrasted to the setting up of the ST3100, you can save a lot of your time.

The playing arrangement of these two tables is quite the same.

You can make use of the playback function of both of these designs by halving the table. This halving function is useful for storing and movement.

Nonetheless, during the setup phase of the ST3100, you must take care not to over-tighten the nuts, or else folding it up can be difficult.

Table Top.

It can be seen from the above comparison table that tabletop sizes vary between the ST3100 vs Stiga-Advantage, 16mm and also 19mm respectively.

The ST3100 indoor table tennis table has its tabletop designed with medium-density fiberboard and also silk-screen stripping to assure outstanding strength and durability.

Although the ST3100 has the same silk-screen stripping as Advantage, the Stiga advantage’s tabletop only has the roller coat.

Therefore, the ST3100 tabletop is more durable and sturdy than Advantage.

Leg And Undercarriage.

You can easily relocate the Stiga ST3100 and Advantage around with their 3″ casters.

Although they are quite larger than other models in the mid-tier, this wheel dimension can move smoothly over floor mats in your house.

The difference between ST3100 and Advantage comes from the number of casters.

While the Stiga Advantage has 8 casters, the Stiga ST3100 only includes half of that number. However, this distinction doesn’t have a considerable effect on indoor motion.

The Stiga-Advantage indoor and also Stiga ST3100 ping pong table has 2 square steel legs, as well as the leg sizes, are 1.2″ and 2″ respectively. With larger legs, the ST3100 can guarantee an extra constant position.

It would be certainly excellent if the ST3100 had the flexible leg levelers as the Advantage does.

Thanks to the flexible leg levelers, the Stiga Advantage can fit various players with different heights.

Stiga ST3100 Vs Stiga Advantage Reviews and comparison

Net System.

You can change and also attach the net system of both the ST3100 and also the Stiga Advantage for substitute.

The producer applies a 72″ clamp-style tournament-grade net system for the Stiga Benefit interior tennis table.

You can quickly see that this kind of net appears in official competitive matches.

Consequently, we assume that there’s absolutely nothing to claim regarding its high quality.

On the contrary, the net system is one of the small disadvantages of the Stiga ST3100.

It is still appropriate for casual play, but lots of serious players change it for a much better net from other brands.

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Because both Stiga Advantage and ST3100 are interior tennis tables, they can prevent damages from the natural environment like climate, pests, or pets.

Besides, the Stiga producer creates these 2 tables with the steel-reinforced frame as well as a base for the optimum durability to maintain the aggressive play.

For that reason, regarding durability, these products can make you satisfied.

Quick Review Of Stiga ST3100.

Stiga ST3100 review

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  • Rigid-support legs.
  • Roomy ball storage.
  • Medium-density fiberboard tabletop.
  • Playback feature.


  • Heavyweight.
  • Medium-quality net.
  • Difficult assembly

Quick Review Of Stiga Advantage.

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See Much More Details about Stiga Advantage Ping Pong Table Review: Worth Your Cash?


  • Flexible leg levelers.
  • Eight coasters for a smooth movement.
  • High-quality net system.
  • QuickPlay design for convenient assembly and storage.


  • Lacking ball apron.
  • Roller coat table top only.

Which Is Much Better Stiga ST3100 Vs Stiga Advantage?

After giving out the specific comparison, we would like to share some evaluations of these items.

Both the Stiga ST3100 and Advantage are qualified products in the mid-tier kind of tennis table section.

If we have to choose the much better one, it would certainly be the Stiga Advantage.

  • Tournament-Quality indoor table tennis table made for professionals.
  • Ease as well as convenient portability – Easily roll as well as transport.
  • Pro characters provide excellent playability – Outstanding playability.

Why the Stiga Advantage is more preferable?

It’s said that these products are suitable for office and home use, therefore they should be simple to assemble, ready-to-play and lightweight.

Moreover, the Stiga Advantage is produced to cover all of ST3100 disadvantage aspects.

Stiga Advantage has a design with adjustable leg levelers, height is not a big problem anymore.

Besides height, the users will also satisfy with this table about the good quality net system which is suitable for all types of players even from beginner, intermediate or professionals.

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Is Stiga Better Than Joola?

In general, you need to choose which one is better based on your sensations as well as experiences.

Each brand has its advantages and disadvantages.

You might think about the advantage feature while others do not have, and vice versa.

it’s hard to say which is a much better one.

Where Can You Get Stiga Replacement Parts?

You can purchase replacement parts directly from the website of the brand -Stigasport. com.

Buying directly from the Brand to avoid finding spare parts from void resale stores would be a smart option.

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Through the product Stiga ST3100 Vs Stiga Advantage comparison, you clearly understand the similarities and differences. Which one will suit you better. Don’t wait anymore. Come to Stiga shop or agent to get one of their ping pong tennis tables to get experience in playing ping pong tennis on them.

Each one will give you a fabulous moment when playing.