Stiga Supreme vs Pro Carbon in Detailed comparison & Review

The ping pong game is popular nowadays, many people from young to old want to play it. Don’t wait anymore, go ahead and buy for you one paddle which is suitable for you. However, when you choose between Stiga Supreme and the Pro Carbon version, you find it hard to choose, then this post is helpful for you. Which is better of table tennis paddle between the Stiga Supreme vs Pro Carbon model?

This article will give you a comparison so that you could have the background to make the decision.

Of the Stiga Supreme vs Stiga Pro Carbon paddle model, we find these products have both advantages and disadvantages.

And the details listed below can assist you to choose the best option.

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Quick choice: Stiga Pro Carbon vs Stiga Supreme

 Stiga Pro Carbon Stiga Supreme
Measurement (LxWxH)( centimeters) 21.5" x 6.3" x 1" 10" x 6" x 0.25"
Blade (in total)Seven-Ply Additional Light6Six-Ply
RubberS5ACS innovation with Future upside down
Weight (g) 1 lb0.35 lb
PriceSee Latest PriceSee Latest Price

Frankly, it’s hard for us to say which is the best, they have advantages in some cases and disadvantages in other criteria.

Each model is suitable for different players depending on their various experiences and playing styles.

The Stiga Supreme has a tendency to be optimal for those who have issues with control ability.

On the other hand, the Pro Carbon can get again its counterpart by the way it helps players in the offending style.

To have a more detailed comparison, why do not we zoom in on some points to get the review?

Stiga Supreme Vs Pro Carbon detailed comparison

In this comparison, we concentrate on design, efficiency, blade, rubber, as well as handle.

Design comparison

The Supreme version of Stiga has a dimension of 10″ x 6″ x 0.25″ (L x W x H) with a weight of 0.35 pounds.

And its counterpart– Pro Carbon, appears considerably bigger in a 21.5″ x 6.3″ x 1″ type which is 1 pound weight.

Normally, the lighter (Supreme) will certainly be better for players that require better control.

Performance comparison

When you consider performance, Stiga Supreme provides the speed 90, spin 92, and control 89.

Meanwhile, Stiga Pro Carbon provides the criteria of 99, 100, and 80 for speed, spin, and also control respectively.

If you have less experience in the game, you will need a lower speed as well as spin but higher control.

Blade comparison

The Stiga Supreme is wonderfully lighter with a 6-ply wood blade with a higher level of elasticity.

That’s the reason why most newbies often tend to use this kind of blade.

The Stiga Pro rating is usually high because of its 7-ply blade with 5 wood layers as well as the carbon.

The function offering greater stability enables you to do better in the offensive playing style.

Besides, this blade can include additional power to your offensiveness.

Rubber comparison

The Supreme model uses the Future Inverted rubber with the AIR CONDITIONING technology (ACS technology), while Pro Carbon includes the ITTF Authorized rubber.

The previous version was combined with a 2-mm sponge of the paddle, which can hold the table tennis ball much longer and better control.

In this character, Pro Carbon’s rubber is almost the same.

Its ACS Modern technology develops a firm bond among rubber fibers to boost the control as well.

Handle comparison

The Pro Carbon model has a flared handle which is developed by the WRB technology to offer the gamer a superb grip.

A hollow core that runs through this part also can help to reduce shock and get more balance when you strike the ball.

As a result of using the firm grasp but low flexibility, it becomes a common option for forehand people.

Unlike Pro Carbon, Stiga Supreme features a structural Italian composite handle with the WRB system.

In the center, you can see a flared shape which is stylish for gamers with big hands.

A quick review of Stiga Supreme Vs Pro Carbon

Stiga Supreme vs Pro Carbon in Detailed comparison & Review

To make the comparison become more simple, we will show you a quick review of Stiga Pro Carbon vs Stiga Supreme

Stiga Supreme.

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STIGA Supreme Performance -Level Table Tennis paddle made with

  • Performance-Level Table Tennis Paddle
  • ITTF Accepted Rubber for Tournament Play
  • Features STIGA ACS for Control and Speed


  • Much better control.
  • 6-ply blade for high elasticity.
  • Portable type.
  • Lightweight.


  • Reduced power.

Pro Carbon.

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STIGA Pro-Carbon Performance-Level Table Tennis paddle with

  • Performance-Level Table Tennis Paddle.
  • ITTF Authorized Rubber for Event Play.
  • Attributes Carbon Modern Technology for Power as well as speed.

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  • Great thickness for offending style.
  • Higher speed and spin.
  • 7-ply blade for high stability.


  • Heavyweight.

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Till now you can have an overview of Stiga Supreme vs Pro Carbon Comparison. You should consider carefully your playing level and which factors you want to develop then you can choose the suitable one.

Don’t forget to follow our post to have reviewed other kinds.