Stiga XTR Vs XTR Pro Comparison & Reviews

You are looking forward to owning a ping pong table to serve your hobby of playing ping pong. You are learning and the difference between the brands: Stiga, Killer…

Stiga was founded in Sweden in 1994 and has built a reputation for high-quality gear. The company’s table tennis line has received a lot of praise from both amateur and professional players.

Below we will introduce you to 2 types of Stiga products and will make a comparison for you to easily understand.

The two products we offer are Stiga XTR vs XTR Pro.

The following are the advantages and negatives of Stiga XTR vs XTR Pro, helping you choose which is the best option for your needs.

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Stiga XTR & XTR Pro Specifications

FeaturesStiga XTRStiga XTR Pro
Main Material for StigaAluminumAluminum
Dimensions (L x W x H)63’ x 57' x 4’ inches63’ x 57' x 4’ inches
Dimensions for play (L x W x H)108x60x30 inches108x60x30 inches
Dimensions for playback (LxWxH)66x60"x64 inches66x60"x64 inches
Net, and post setAvailableAvailable
AssemblyQuickPlay Assembly 10-Minutes15-Minute Assembly
Thicknes for Tabletop0.25' inches0.25' inches
Thickness for Leg1.25’ inches1.5’ inches
Diameter for Wheel3' inch6-inch double wheel
Check PriceSee Latest PriceSee Latest Price

Stiga XTR Vs XTR Pro Comparison

Tabletop design

Both Stiga XTR and its XTR Pro version share a 0.25’ inches thick tabletop made from aluminum. Multiple coatings are applied to the surface to ensure a consistent bounce ball and to protect it from external elements. These two products allow outdoor games to be played without fear of causing damage to your table.


Stiga XTR Vs XTR Pro Comparison

Stiga XTR’s most notable feature is its ease of setup. Each table comes pre-assembled in 95% before being shipped to you. QuickPlay technology allows customers to open easily the table. XTR is simple to use, even if you have never played the sport before.

XTR-Pro comes pre-assembled in 90%. It takes more effort and time to set it up. This assembly needs roughly two people with at least 15 minutes.

Storage and portability

XTR and XTR Pro tables are two-piece kinds, so you can combine the separate halves when you’re done. The lockable casters make it easy to move the table from one location to the next.


These two models have carriages made of galvanized steel with zinc coating for additional protection from moisture and humidity. You don’t have to worry about your tables being eaten by rust or water.

Both versions have extra features that ensure the surface stays flat. The steel apron keeps the table from bowing or sagging and the leg levelers allow you to adjust the height of the floor if it isn’t even.

The frame used for supporting the tabletop which is provided by the Stiga XTR has only eight 1.25’’ wheels, while the XTR-Pro has 1.5”. The difference in leg thickness makes XTR -Pro stronger and more stable, allowing the table to remain in a solid position during a challenging game.

Playback position

Splitting the Stiga XTR or XTR Pro into two halves gives players the opportunity to practice solo.


The Stiga XTR-Pro and XTR have legs that can open on their own. They spring out when you open the table, and ensure that it doesn’t collapse on your feet. The undercarriage is equipped with a spring-loaded latch that keeps the table’s two halves connected even when they are not in use. The protective corners are also useful for children who play ping pong outside.

Recommended for outdoor For XTR Vs XTR Pro Products

The XTR Pro is a high-quality outdoor ping pong table that can move quickly. You will be amazed at its outstanding performance and portability.

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Stiga XTR & XTR Pro: Pros & Cons  

Stiga XTR


  • Weatherproof frame and rust-resistant legs
  • Playback position available.
  • With 10-Minute QuickPlay Design, it’s easy to use.
  • 72″ net and post are available.
  • Children-friendly


  • Tabletop thickness is not recommended for casual games.
  • It is quite heavy even with small wheels.



  • Double-wheeled 6” casters provide better portability.
  • 2-half-design for storage and playback position
  • Safety features include spring-loaded latches, lockable wheels, and latches that are spring-loaded.
  • Compact.
  • For greater durability, sturdy legs and frames are essential.


  • Initial assembly will take more time.
  • The waterproof cover is not included.

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Stiga XTR vs XTR PRO: Which Should You Purchase?

Stiga XTR vs XTR Pro Comparison and Reviews

Stiga XTR and XTR-Pro are both charming products that will brighten your day with their affordability and durability. It can be difficult to decide which Stiga model to purchase.

You have the Stiga XTR – a high-functional ping pong table that can be used for casual and outdoor games. This model stands out thanks to its QuickPlay design. It is easy to set up, even for beginners.

Stiga XTR is a family-friendly product because it takes extreme measures to protect players, especially young children.

However, XTR has its flaws. The wheels are small in comparison to the table’s weight and require more effort to move the table. XTR Pro solves this problem by doubling the size of its wheels. This makes it easier to move and align the product.

Although the quality of both models is comparable, the portability of the XTR Pro is superior. XTR-Pro is the best option if you need a table that can be easily rolled. If you are looking for a sturdy, long-lasting, and quality outdoor table tennis table, then the XTR is the best choice.

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Above are the comparisons between STR Pro and XTR. Each product will be suitable for each player. To choose the right product for you, you should carefully consider the parameters and advantages, and disadvantages of each product. If you have any comments about these 2 products, please leave your comment below. Thank you for your time with us!